The importance of outdoor sport with the children ‘s comprehensive development

With adults, playing sports is a serious problem that needs a specific plan, to cater for many different purposes, such as losing weight, relaxing. As for children, fitness simply aims at  playing , movement or  promote the physical outdoors activity. Young athletes often will have a strong musculoskeletal system, height growth which help them increase the endurance and stamina, as well as avoid the risk of obesity However, not  any kind of sport is suitable for children  to play.
Depending on age, as well as  body condition that parents need to help children choose the suitable sports. In addition to the athletes, the mother should also pay attention to adequate nutrition and the right way for their baby. It will help children develop holistically.

Here are some reminders to help parents choose the suitable sports with the child’s age:
At the age of  2 to 5 years old

At this age, children are too young to be able to participate in sports, especially those that requires the high practicing density. Therefore, these types of activities under the framework is best for children. Parents should set the goal which has moderate intensity  ( about 3-6 h for each week is ok,  approximately 30-60 minutes every day or every other day). That will  stimulate children to develop body balance and harmony. At this age, adults should  not force them to start operations too much. Practicing seriously  in such a long time like that with a continuous density will lead children to be little exhausted. In addition, it cause the  bone deformation (bending plastic, weight …) which is not conducive to height. The physical education and sport that affects the whole body and tend to take people long to like swimming, running, cycling will help children develop better height. Continue reading

The most popular outdoor sport in the world


 Outdoor sport is always attract people’s attention from all over the world. Here are some the top of outdoor sport that receive the most people’s concern
Cricket (2.5 billion people).

There are many sources shown that cricket appeared in the 16th century, but actually until the early 1700s, this sport can be practiced with complete legal system. Cricket also includes two team 11 players playing against each other, but this law allows half the matches can last until identify successes and failures. Therefore there is no cricket match taking place less than 5 days to be completed. This is one of the main features distinguishing this subject with baseball, besides the difference in the shape of sticks and costume competitions of the players. Most of those who have never  been played this course often mistaken two baseball (Baseball English name) and cricket (cricket).
Because cricket match can last in a long time, the  remarkable tournament in the world only  takes place between the national team or the territories with the limited the number of matches per year . England and India are the world’s top team. The following countries are by Australia and South Africa.

Field Hockey (around 2 billion people).

This is a sport with a ball, and there are 11 players on each side. This course was originally developed separately in Europe and Asia from the 3rd century BC. But right up to the 19th century British subjects developed this new system with almost current law, and disseminate it to their colonial regions.
Until the mid-20th century, India and Pakistan are the leading countries in this subject sharply, but then Australia and the Netherlands have become the new power of this sport. In North America, the number of female hockey players overwhelming proportion, but if calculated on a global scale, the amount of players are men still make up the majority. Continue reading

The sport equipment for outdoor parks

You are wishing to purchase the sport equipment for outdoor park?  It is vital for you to take some minutes to review our article today which mainly provides you how to purchase the best tool for your practicing process.
Currently, the movement for  exercises health promotion are attracting  lot of participants. Recently, many parks throughout the country are built and equipped with many outdoor sporting equipment to help people improve their health practice. You are wishing to purchase sports equipment for the park, but do not know how to buy instruments and purchased?  Today we are pleased to introduce our customers  some commonly equipment used in the park today.

The walking machine Vifa 711,511.
This device is made of iron which has  the thick frame, hot-dip galvanized and powder coated durable.
Products are  installed by fixing onto the floor.
How to carry out the exercises  with the  Vifa 711 511: Firstly, put your two legs to stand on pedals. Your two  hands hold the two above rod . Then, you should  step  with the rhythm as walking in the air. These products are designed like a treadmill on decentralized body, which  help regulate the body.
Machine is designed to sustain itself and can move flexibly.
Installation dimension:  1,530 x 420 x 1,410 mm (length x width x height). Continue reading

The trend of outdoor activities nowadays 

These kind of outdoor activities will help you promote your body’s flexibility as well as keep your fitness.
There will not be a problem if you plan a hiking trip in the day. However, with any plan, if you need  to spend the night in a village, you will need reservation in advanced . This can be done easily before you come through local travel company, and has provided the majority of the tour with the option package. In most cases, you can still book for homeowners and local guides. Remember to bring guidebooks  during your  trip if you are too eager to down the trail; because many areas are still quite sensitive to the presence of outsiders.

Mountain biking
Mountain biking is becoming more popular in many countries nowadays. To take up this sport, you need have a strong health as well as be patient all time. For many people, this is considered as the an adventure sport which can create the large inspiration for many young people.
Water sports
Swimming is considered as the best ideal sport for many people especially in losing their weight. Besides, mastering all the skills in swimming is also a good way for you to avoid the unexpected situation in the water surface. Continue reading

Some advices for taking up the outdoor activities


Taking up the outdoor sports play a very importance in improving your health as well enhance the soft skill to interact with the outdoor environment. However, not many people know exactly how to take some exercises before having a real activities. In the article today, we will introduce all of you some tricks to make your exercises get the highest effectiveness. 

 To well prepared physically and psychologically.
Activities and sports and other activities are not the same.
Before practicing, you have to certainly make the preparation of the body and psychology.
Understanding the physical condition of yourself, adjust good mentality. The most important thing is the preparation to act hard. Continue reading